Metalachi, the world’s first and only heavy metal mariachi band returns to Fort Worth

FORT WORTH – A few months ago we were talking to a house manager regarding some of their upcoming shows to showcase when he mentioned, Metalachi.  He did his best to explain the combination of a heavy metal AND mariachi band, but we were confused and skeptical to say the least and left it at that.  After doing a bit of research and viewing a video or two on we decided to give them the benefit of OUR doubt.  We covered their last show in November at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill while they were here in Dallas and we’re not disappointed!  When we heard they were returning to the area, we knew we DSC_1301smalldidn’t want to miss them.

To say that their sound is unique is an understatement.  Imagine Ozzy Ozborne stumbling out of his house in Mexico hooking up with a mariachi band at a quincenanera.   According to Vega de la Rocha, front man, they are all brothers from the same mother with five different fathers.  They formed the metal mariachi band to perform the (heavy metal) music they loved; however, when pressed they admit the true reason was to see chi chi’s.

They were gracious enough to sit down with us before their show to discuss the future of Metalachi and life on the road:


DSC_1739smallThe house was packed, primed for the show when hype many Warren Moscow came out and whipped them into a frenzy.   With lights dimmed, Maxamilian ‘Dirty’ Sanchez opens on the violin.  They blasted through fan favorites such as Guns ‘n Roses, Ozzy, Van Halen and Metallica.  At one point Warren Moscow even escorted a lucky lady on stage to bring ‘inspiration’ to the band.

The show is equal parts classical mariachi, heavy metal with a bit of risqué comedy.   They wrapped up the evening with an encore of several more songs only to pack up and head off into the sunset to their next show in Albuquerque, NM.  Unfortunately, only hours into the drive due to inclement weather they were involved in an accident with their trailer being turned over destroying some of their gear.  In true form not wanting to let the ‘Metalachi Nation’ down, they only postponed the show and pressed on to continue their mission.  Make sure check them out when they come to your city.  Find when they are coming near you here.

Article and photos by:  Jason and Kristelle Maguire


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