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By Ryan Javier Premiering on DVD/Blu-ray in the United Kingdom on March 9, 2015, this new crime thriller by writer/director J.K. Amalou, stars veteran actor Danny Dyer. Assassin is a cautionary tale of love and betrayal set in London’s seedy underworld. Dyer plays Jammie, a ruthless hitman working for a pair of notorious crime figures, the Brothers Lee, portrayed by real-life brothers Martin and Gary Kemp. Jammie, the top gun of the Lee crime family, is well-off and enjoys his work, however he plays it safe and lives a lonely, secluded life of self-imposed isolation. That is, until he meets the alluring Lara, played by Deborah Moore. In order to secure lucrative construction rights for a future endeavor, the Lee Brothers bribe a councilman named Tony Boyd (Robert Cavanah). Corrupted by a counter offer, Boyd gets greedy and reneges on the deal with the Lees. A hit it put out on Boyd and Jammie is tasked with “sorting it out”. After the high-profile murder of the councilman, Jammie plans to leave town for a while, but not before saying goodbye to his girlfriend, Lara. But before he can depart, the seemingly peaceful situation goes utterly sideways as a cruel twist of fate thrusts the two lovers into a classic kill-or-be-killed scenario. Beginning as a one-dimensional character, Jammie surprisingly develops density and unfolds into a multifaceted figure as the film progresses. Although I am a big fan of the genre, I’ll be the first to admit that most hooligan/gangster films that I’ve seen are comprised of flat and shallow characters that lack depth and true substance. Assassin, however worked on multiple levels, creating an ideal balance between the contrasting themes of romance and violence. The film is Rated-15 by the BBFC, which falls somewhere between the US ratings of PG-13 and R. There is strong violence, use of hard drugs and nudity throughout the picture, so when Assassin gets released in the US, it’ll most likely receive an R by the MPAA.  

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