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By Ryan Javier This thrilling new drama by Kevin Macdonald tells the tale of desperate men wrestling with greed, pride and loyalty while locked in a harrowing life-or-death struggle for survival, surrounded by hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of gold. Jude Law stars as Captain Robinson, a veteran submariner who has been recently laid-off after over a decade of service. Out of work, running low on money and with an estranged family, Robinson takes a job at the helm of submarine for a private investor. The mission is to recover nearly two tons Nazi gold from a sunken U-boat that has been lying in the depths of the Black Sea since World War II. A sub is purchased, Robinson comprises his half Russian/half English-speaking crew of former friends and colleagues, a company man is assigned for insurance purposes and the men set sail for the Black Sea. A seemingly simple salvage job turns awry rather quickly. Tensions between the Russians and the English speaking crew members begin to flair as the men draw closer to discovering the sunken U-boat. Tempers flare, and after a fatal accident, a palpable dividing line is drawn between the Eastern and Western crews. The situation is further complicated by a catastrophic mechanical failure which puts the lives of all on board in jeopardy. Although there were some intense action sequences this film was a dramatic thriller and driven by believable acting and strong dialogue. I didn’t much care for Law’s Scottish accent, but I did feel his performance was solid throughout the picture. The film managed to maintain a steady narrative, even with a few plot twists. Black Sea never really seemed claustrophobic to me and I felt the plot worked well within the confines of a submarine Black Sea will be available for streaming and on DVD/Blu-Ray on May 5, 2015. The film is rated R for language throughout, some graphic images and violence.  

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