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WEATHERFORD - Today, Americans have a love hate relationship with tattoos.  According to a 2012 Harris Poll, one in five Americans has at least one tattoo.  Of those polled, more Americans age 30-39 have tattoos.  For most of them, their tattoos hold some sort of representation in their life. What would you do if you lived in a society that chastised your dream based on their own ignorance?  Would you cave to society's norm?  Would you give up and focus elsewhere?  Or would you fight for what you believe God has put you on this earth to do?  That was a decision tattoo shop owners, Tod and Wendi Bain were faced with not so long ago.DSC_5852ab Tod and Wendi met and married in California several years ago before making the move to Texas.  When they first met Tod was working at a tattoo shop across from a dance studio where Wendi taught.  Shortly after meeting Tod, Wendi got her first tattoo; from Tod. When asked if he had always been an artist, Tod responded, "I was always drawing and painting when I was a kid.  I was always in art classes in junior high and high school.  It was the only thing that kept me sane."  He didn't always excel in other subjects, but by seventh grade Tod's talent was obvious as he was voted most likely to be an artist by his classmates.  In 1992, fresh out of high school, Tod joined the Marines.  He served for eight years giving him the opportunity to see the world.  After several years of enlistment, Tod became a marksmanship instructor teaching other Marines how to shoot.  He soon became bored with teaching and found a part time job in the evenings at a tattoo shop.  At that time, he had no intention of becoming a tattoo artist.  He simply had been missing art in his life.  Tod started drawing and painting again.  A love, that being in the Marines, just didn't allow time to foster.DSC_5767ab It didn't take long for Tod to realize the success other artist had tattooing.  Tod purchased his own equipment and started tattooing his fellow Marines out of his barracks.  The shop owner got wind of this, and in a pinch after another artist packed up one night, called Tod for a chance to show his skills and take one step closer to becoming a legitimate tattoo artist.  He remained at that shop for over nine years until moving on to American Tattoo just down the way. Over the years Tod considered opening a shop of his own in California, but one door would close after another.  Meanwhile his mother, living in Texas, had offered her home to them, affording them the opportunity to move to a better location to open a shop.  Neither Tod or Wendi had entertained the idea of leaving California where they had spent a majority of their lives.  That was until God opened a door so wide for them, that even they couldn't close it.DSC_5873ab The shop Tod had been working at for just a few months in California was located on a specific section of highway that was purchased by the city and being renovated.  Due to the renovations, the city bought out all the businesses for demolition.  This presented a unique situation for Tod.  Tattoo artists are considered independent contractors, therefore the state had to buy out all the artists individually for relocating their businesses.  Tod and Wendi agreed that it was now time to make the move to Texas and turn their dreams into a reality. Once in Texas the real work began.  Tod found a job at a local shop in Fort Worth while scouting the area for a location to open their own shop.  They knew they wanted to stay close to their home in Weatherford.  This proved more daunting that originally anticipated.  Tod called on a few different locations, only to be turned down when the landlords questioned what type of business he wanted to open.  The owners didn't want 'that kind of business' in their community.DSC_5752ab Not giving up hope, one day as Tod passed their current location, he called the owner to find out details about the space.  When the owner asked what type of business he planned on putting in the space,  the owner was very supportive.  Next step, city planning approval.  Once the planning committee approved the application, it had to go before the city council.  In preparation Tod and Wendi had letters of referral from their friends, pastor, local restaurants and even their landlord on their behalf to submit to the city council supporting them.  Tod admits he was nervous heading into city council.  He had friends and family with him for support, but in the end, he knew it was in the council's hands.  Unanimously, the council approved the application.  Their dream had become a reality.  1st Revelation Tattoo would become Wetherford's first tattoo shop. Kendra Ward is the resident permanent cosmetic artist.  Today she was in the chair preparing to get a DSC_5841abctattoo from Chad Lucas.  Three arrows with "Valor" across them will represent the courage she has exhibited throughout her life dealing with her struggles.  Growing up in Azle, Kendra met her husband , Jeremy, while on the job over six years ago. DSC_5836abBorn and raised in California, Chad Lucas made the move to Texas about seven years ago with his son to be near family.  After working at other local tattoo shops, he knew of Tod's talent and reputation of the artists at 1st Revelation.  The shop itself also had a reputation of a 'family' atmosphere which was very attractive to the single father.  Chad met with owner, Tod Bain and he respectfully told him to work on his skill a little longer and return when some time had passed.  Tod eventually took a chance on Chad.  He has happily been with 1st Revelation for 2 years now. Mando Ozuna was born and raised in Midland, Texas.  He attended dental school and became a hygienist DSC_5822abto support himself and his daughter.  Shortly thereafter he realized he missed art in his life and met Tod.  He apprenticed with Tod at 1st Revelation and is now one of the tattoo artists you can visit there. Wendi Bain grew up in California around a multitude of culture.  She immediately missed the culture after moving to Texas.  This is another reason she believes God brought them to Wetherford: to bring some culture to the community.  Wendi runs the business side of the shop as well as playing the mama bear role. DSC_5814abTod and Wendi know they are in an industry that is stereotypically dark, however, they believe that God has brought them to this place to be a light.  Tod has often times has been more of a counselor for his patrons than a tattoo artist.  Go check them out at 1st Revelation Tattoo, 1716 Fort Worth Highway, Weatherford, TX 76086. Article by: Kristelle Maguire Photos by:  Jason Maguire DSC_5765ab DSC_5774ab

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