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Through The Lens Magazine had the chance to talk and get to know more about the amazing Olivia Millerschin at her first ever show in Austin, Texas.  Follow her journey on Twitter and also Instagram @OMillerschin. TTLHow did you start? OliviaMusic? Hmmm, I started taking lessons when I was seven years old in opera cause my grandma was an olivia interview 2opera singer, so I wanted to be like her… and then, she actually went into a coffee shop in my hometown and she saw there was like a “want for artists to come and play on Friday night” and she was like “hey, my grand-daughter plays guitar” so that was probably how I got my first ever show and then I started touring with Teddy Geiger and Ryan Cabrera and Howie. so it kind of just fell together. TTL:  So basically you started at age seven and played at cafes…? Olivia:  Coffee house and restaurants… anywhere they would let me. TTL:  So you grew up in a musical family or is it just grandma? Olivia: Yeah, well I mean, they all love music and a lot of them sing, but she was like the one who absolutely pushed it. olivia 4TTLI notice you have a lot of jazz, and other different kinds of musical influences displayed through your music. What music genre did you pick up first? Olivia: Oooh, I don’t know. I think they came from everywhere. I think the jazz, funk thing kind of comes from Motown, because of Detroit… but for the most part it was sort of folky, singer-songwriter. TTLYou were saying you like Motown since you were little? That’s like the first kind of music you listened to? Olivia: Yea, yea! I’ve listened to it more than anything. Yea, I think that’s how I picked up. My parents just kind of played me nothing but their music so I never listened to anything else on the radio. I was like, “O yea, this is okay” TTL:  It’s pretty cool that you picked up those things when you were little and then you grew up andolivia 5 picked up something else too. So was guitar your first instrument… did you play any other instruments? OliviaI play guitar, ukulele, uhm… piano, banjo, and mandolin… but I’m just playing the guitar, piano, and ukulele because they’re easiest to carry with me. TTLYea… I used to play the cello and I don’t like carrying it with me because it’s big. OliviaOh, I love the cello! Howie usually has a… instead of having a bassist he’ll bring a cellist which is awesome. TTLYou’re a songwriter… have you been writing since you were seven too or was that something that came later? olivia 3OliviaI started writing when I was ten but I wasn’t good. So I was like seriously writing when I was fourteen or so, and now I’m like writing for other people, for myself. TTLCool! So have you sold big writing gig? OliviaWell, all of my stuff mostly has been writing for myself but right now I’ve been writing with other producers and artists.  TTLThat’s great! All your albums will come straight from you. You’re not taking someone else’s song written for you? OliviaHmm, a lot of people have also been doing this co-writing thing. Everybody does it so I don’t think it’s like a bad thing. It’s just… I haven’t written anything with someone else that I feel like isn’t as me as what I write. TTL:  So when you said co-write, you’re writing parts of it? OliviaYea, it’s really weird. It’s like sometimes one person has half the song done or for some, one person just hasolivia 6 the music written and you’re basically in a room just talking about what you feel –it’s really weird. It’s a strange process TTLI guess you would only do it with someone you’re comfortable expressing your feelings to… OliviaYeah, and sometimes you don’t even know them, just like met them and … TTLYea, this is a professional work, let’s get on with it. OliviaExactly! TTLFunny story though, my friend did send me your song on YouTube like a couple years back it was called “Screw Valentine’s Day” You were playing the ukulele… OliviaO yeah, all raw… I remember that TTLIt was stuck in my head for a long time like a jingle. OliviaHahahaha TTLAre you writing more of that, you know just the fun, quirky types of song? OliviaYea, I feel like I did a lot more of like the ukulele –I really love ukulele and I still play it all the time, but I feel like I did a lot more quirky, like funny happy stuff when I was younger and I’m like ‘am I getting sadder?’ I don’t know. TTLWell, I mean with lots of music these days, I think you’ve got to have your own style to kind of separate yourself with the rest. OliviaYea, I think I’m going to keep writing that sort of thing cause there’s always humor incorporated in my music. It just makes me happy, makes me take any situations lighter I guess, but yea. I’ll probably pick one of those goofy songs back up. TTLHow did you get the gigs touring with Howie, Teddy Geiger…? OliviaHmm, how did I do it? I wrote and e-mail with Teddy Geiger... his manager. I was like seventeen or sixteen. I said “Hi, my name is Olivia. I’m from Detroit, I want to come on tour with you and here’s my music, and here’s my website” and he was like “Alright, sweet! Come on tour with us next week” I was in high school, so I was like “Okay, I’m gonna leave for three weeks so I’ll see you guys later” and I had to like keep up with all my work. Umm, and so I got in touch with him and then, all the rest of the guys have the same booking agent so they were like “well, let’s take this girl with us too” so it just kind of works out. TTLDo you think it’s the similarity of your musical styles with those artists that have gotten you the gig almost instantly? I know a lot of new artists would have to give their demos to a bunch of people and places, and will hear many NO(s). Especially when they’re very young. OliviaYea yea totally that happens all the time. TTLWas that your first encounter with e-mailing the manager and they just say Yes? OliviaWell, I would hear NOs like 80-75% of the time… less now, because I can throw names around or whatever. I’ve done it now, they know that I can play a show… but at sixteen, they were like “I don’t know, this girl is like…” A lot of people don’t want to take you seriously when you’re young or when you haven’t done things that people noticed, when you’re not nationally recognized or whatever… but I think if you prove your talent in some way, or prove your uniqueness then… TTLGood thing your parents supported you. I mean, you just leave high school for gigs. Most parents would not jump into that as easy. OliviaYes, they’re very supportive. They’re usually here with me but this time my boyfriend came with me, so this is the first time I don’t have my parents with me. They own their own business so I’m like “you guys need to take care of yourselves for once.” TTLYea, but it’s nice they’re also involved. OliviaGood to have the people you trust on your side. TTLAre you considering going back to college and concentrate on a certain studies or is this it. This is the thing that you want to do for the rest of your life? OliviaI was thinking like… I went last year for a year in a music school and then I was getting asked to go on these tours and do a bunch of gigs, and I was like “I can’t do it, I can’t leave school” It was easy in high school but now I can’t. So, for now, I took the year off and if I was like… if it doesn’t… if I don’t get enough business or if I can’t make it as my job I won’t.  But I haven’t had more than twelve days at home in the past six months, so it’s been non-stop work so I think this is gonna be my job for as long as I can make it. I love it! You have to love it for as much as you put into it. TTLYea yea yea, it’s just so nice nowadays seeing young people in their twenties climbing up the ladder, trying to pursue what they want to do… and I mean, you’re like 19? You had it! I mean… OliviaYea, hahaha. I’m alright. I just work really really hard. TTLWell, that’s great you know what you want. I’ve been changing majors a lot. OliviaYea, my boyfriend changed three times. Still, he’s going to a new school next year, I’m like “you crazy!”  Oh, where are you from by the way? TTLI’m from Indonesia… and where I came from, we don’t have the option to be undeclared so it’s nice that I do have the option to do that here. OliviaWow, that’s crazy. Do you like it here? TTLYea, personally I do like Austin. You have all these festivals and the chance to listen to new emerging artists. Getting to know new types of music. I’ve listened to Howie but honestly I’m only familiar with his song Collide. OliviaYea, I didn’t know any of his music until I started touring with him. Now I know them all by heart cause I heard him play it every night. You become the biggest fan of everyone you toured with. TTLSo do you have siblings who are into music too? OliviaI have one sister and she’s really… like she taught herself piano, and she’s like a god. I’m like “how are you doing this?” and she is a great singer but she is a horse person. She’s very into horses so complete opposite of me. She’s blonde! TTLHahaha, well I think that’s all… it was great talking to you Olivia! OliviaWell thank you guys so much for coming out and doing it.   Photos and interview by: Christian Sena  

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