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051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-35AUSTIN - It was Southern night at Stubb’s with Mat Kearney’s tour for his new album Just Kids.  Kicking things off was Americana-folk band from Nashville, Judah and the Lion. They performed using instruments like banjo and mandolin mashed with lyrics that speak to millions. Though it was an all-ages event, the majority of the crowd was 18 to051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-4 30-somethings. With songs like Kickin' da Leaves, Rich Kids” and Twenty-Somethings, everyone was digging the gritty lyrics. The group played very energetic songs with their somewhat choreographed quirky dance. The crowd was dancing and screaming, particularly when Hold On (Hippy Dance) was played. Judah, the main vocalist, even injected some backgrounds and funny anecdotes in between songs. As he stated, “we want to make folk songs that makes people grind.” They then played a cover of R Kelly's Ignition with a bluegrass twist that got the crowd singing and dancing even more oddly.  As the opener, Judah and the Lion really surprised the crowd as their performance ended, setting the bar high for the headliner. 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-21It's been awhile since Mat Kearney did a show in Austin. This Oregon born singer-songwriter was really bummed out in the morning before the show, because lately Austin has been getting bad weather. He even worried that his bus might get flooded and he would die. So when the sky cleared up and the line was building up even before the gate was open, he was very happy. He added, “this is a gift to me being able to play for all of you tonight at Stubb’s” and the response from the audience was a mix of “awwws” and screams of proud Austinites. Kearney started off with songs from his new album Just Kids, and 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-55Heartbreak Dreamer was right to set the atmosphere. The setlist was great, bringing the crowds from headbanging beats to sweet songs to slow things down. His unique mix of rock, folk, and hip-hop captivated everyone. Even though it's a Just Kids tour, he didn’t forget to sing some old fan favorites like One Black Sheep and Hey Mama that made the crowd demand an encore. Kearney and his band members came out on stage once more for Just Kids and the all time favorite Ships in the Night. 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-42From climbing up his piano to taking selfies with people’s phones, the audience was able to feel the energy he had during his performance on stage, which enhanced the interaction between the two. He was also having fun with his lyrics by switching them up, incorporating “Austin” into the songs… and that really got everyone pumped up. He even climbed out of the barricade and walked through the crowd to provoke more energy from the backend of the venue, also proving what he said earlier in the evening, “come on guys, I'm not TV, I'm a real human being”. Midway through his setlist, Kearney invited Judah and the Lion 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-18back on stage and said, “Because we're from Tennessee, we are going to sing a classic Southern song.” They proceeded by doing a cover of Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk with infusions of banjo and mandolin, cracking up the crowd at first but then everyone was singing along and doing more quirky dance moves. Both artists had a high expectation for Austin crowd, granted. Recalling that this town is still an extraordinary place he remembered… Kearney said to the cheering crowd, “you’re unlike San Antonio or any other city. This is Austin! with Stubb’s and South by Southwest…” Ultimately, it was a fun sweaty night at the Stubb's filled with singing, dancing and selfies. The two-and-a-half hour show had the people feeling uplifted and overjoyed, some even still singing as they crossed the street of downtown Austin. Article by: Jacinda Tisnohadi Photos by: Christian Sena 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-3 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-8 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-11 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-10 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-13 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-12 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-14 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-16 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-20 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-21 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-22 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-31 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-40 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-45 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-44 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-49 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-50 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-54 051715_MatKearney_JTL_StubbsOutdoors-56

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