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AUSTIN - Austin welcomes in the center leg of the Gold Rush Rally or GR7EVEN  It gets it's name ‬ as it  is the seventh running. This rally runs across the United States and Austin is the best stop. Why you ask? Austin has the premier F1 Race Course that these untamed beast can perform on and show why they are the top Americas super-cars and trucks. The Gold Rush rally in itself is a grueling eight day adventure of some of Americas finest roadways. DSC_9872 DSC_9737 DSC_9440 DSC_8371 DSC_8277 DSC_8273 Drivers arrived into Austin five days into there eight day on the road.  The first leg of the tour covered California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico, which included stops at USS Midway,the desert,certain tee-pee hotel and Albuquerque Drag-way. Austin is the only 2 Day stop and some drivers actually flew in from New Mexico,   From here, they trek on to Louisiana and then Florida with there final destination is an  all out blowout in Miami. Fine dining, festive parties and luxurious accommodations greet the drivers at every stop. Teams included husband & wives, fathers and daughters, fathers and sons, body builders, concubines and more.  Although arriving fashionably late, drivers were ready to hit the course at COTA.  The drivers did experience a slight issue.  ESPN X Games  left a mess on the track.  They settled on a small portion of the north side; turns 5 halfway through 12. This proved very quick lap-times were within a minute and a half. DSC_0426 DSC_3004 DSC_8344 DSC_3060 DSC_0621 By lunch time more cars arrived to test there skills including two of the most beautiful Bugatti's.   Team Dark-side, with there star-wars inspired Porsche was a big hit with the kids as well as Legion of Boom, with there customized 1st phorm freight-liners. Watching a Bentley scream down the straight into sharp corners was a site to be followed closely by a McLaren. Austin finally wrapped up at the track and everyone went for the one thing you do in Texas after a day of racing; BBQ!  Hopefully GR8ight will head back to town this time having the entire track at COTA to run. Article and photos by:  Jason Bollenbacher

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