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By Jason Bollenbacher Photos by Diego Donamaria & Jason Bollenbacher AUSTIN, TX - Keep Austin Weird Festival is more then Gorillas and unicorns trotting down riverside in a mist of alcohol.  Arriving to the festivities you would be lucky to have give you a few words to let you know that you are awesome.  Strolling through the many vendor booths having your palm or your aura massaged, or grab some amazing eats from one of the many local food vendors. DSC_1474DSC_0791 DSC_3168 One of the favorite stops is Scott Andrew James (@scottandrewjames) who had challenged himself to type 1000 poems on a vintage typewriter.  His line wrapped around the racing armadillos and gummy bear spitting contest.  If you were lucky you got to see one of your favorite celebrity's scream it burns as there dunked into a vat of Stubb's BBQ sauce.  Yoga which is all the rage has its own weird.  The Acro Yoga a combination of acrobatics and yoga combined putting all your balance into small movements of the wrist.  As you continue to walk around you start to realize that it doesn't seem that weird after all.  You're blending in and not sticking out.  You're enjoying the weird. DSC_0913 Keep_ATX_weird-24 Keep_ATX_weird-9 DSC_0907 Music guest were phenomenal this year.  If you weren't early, you missed some great headliners.  Mobley who started playing guitar at 16 is also a multi-instrument talented artist.  Guy Forsyth has an impressive harmonica blues band.  Born from Antone's and Joe's Generic Bar in Austin they have toured the world over the past 20 years.  Holiday Mountain brought a different vibe of energetic future pop definitely a highlight to the day.  Roxy Roca put on a high energy funky soulful sound while maintaining a smooth criminal demeanor.  Rounding out the evening with Tamcica Jones who has played with Americas Top Soul Talent did some great renditions of many artist favorites.  Ending the night with locals The Band Of Heathens (TBOH ) Bluesy country rock with a great southern sound. DSC_0709 DSC_0901 Keep_ATX_weird-58 The 5k which takes place in the evening is more of a stroll for many.  There are some that forget the rules and finish in record time but they miss the meaning of what has been coined as the slowest race in the country.  You have many pit stops along the way to urge you to the finish.  From shots at Deep Eddy Vodka to a Clif Bar slip and slide and Amy's Ice cream just to name a few.  Costumes fill the race to make it more exciting for the fans watching.  You pretty much have every superhero villain and some cross pollination experiments gone wrong.  Yes you may have the urge to bathe after attending but its a great festival that keeps Austin different, strange, and yes weird. DSC_3319  DSC_3185 DSC_1208 DSC_0671 Keep_ATX_weird-6 Keep_ATX_weird-38 Keep_ATX_weird-71 DSC_0828 Keep_ATX_weird-65 Keep_ATX_weird-40 Keep_ATX_weird-35  Keep_ATX_weird-7 Keep_ATX_weird-11 Keep_ATX_weird-22 Keep_ATX_weird-23 Keep_ATX_weird-31 Keep_ATX_weird-32 Keep_ATX_weird-33 Keep_ATX_weird-34 Keep_ATX_weird-44 DSC_1465 Keep_ATX_weird-46 Keep_ATX_weird-48 Keep_ATX_weird-49 Keep_ATX_weird-51 Keep_ATX_weird-52 Keep_ATX_weird-54 Keep_ATX_weird-56 Keep_ATX_weird-57 DSC_1549 DSC_1624 DSC_1608   Keep_ATX_weird-19 Keep_ATX_weird-43  Keep_ATX_weird-64

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