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By Jason Bollenabacher AUSTIN, TX- One of the institutional Austin festivals that Austinites and people from around the globe love is Batfest.  So what is Batfest?  On a bridge through downtown Austin, there is a spectacular event that takes place as over a million bats take flight each night. Batfest, now in its 11th year takes over this bridge with food, vendors and Music. Over 30,000 people jammed the bridge with hundreds of arts craft and food vendors. This fest starts at 4pm and drives to midnight so the August heat is fleeting as the sun sets. From bicycle bats, to roller girls, and a costume contests, it is part of the 'Keep Austin Weird' culture that people love. The bats and the festival have not been without controversy. When the bats first moved under the bridge in the 80's people found them disgusting and there was talks of extermination. Then there was the drought that took much of the 10,000-30,000 bugs, the food the bats thrived on away.  There was talk that they might not return.  A furniture store attempted to have the entire Batfest moved because it affected business.  Lets not forget the rabies scare of 2014.  However, Austinites love there bats and even erected a monument in their honor.  A  bat conservation was created to protect and teach more about them. Most of all there is Batfest a way to have a drink, eat good food,  and watch bats fly with great music. Some hit performances on three stages could be enjoyed by all for a ticket price of a movie.  Joseph King Band, Cypress Hill, Men Without Hats, Alejandro Escovedo, Alpha Rev Dirty River Boys, Mizgin Octopus Project, Charlie Sexton, Will Taylor & Strings Attached, Henry + The Invisibles, Nina Diaz, Dharma Kings, Jared & The Mill, Deep Ella, Matthew Gilmour, and Afterburn Made for one of the best lineups in years.  Even with a few technical difficulties as well as new music ordinances, none of the bands disappointed.

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