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Article by Kristelle Maguire Photos by Jason Maguire DALLAS, TX - Once again the House of Blues in Dallas on Lamar Street was packed with a mostly 3o something and older crowd.  The London Soul's, a New York City band, praised for their reinterpretation of some of the best rock and roll we know, started the evening with an energetic set.  Tash Neal and Chris St. Hilaire are the driving force that make up this eclectic sound with their astounding live performance. Although the aging crowd enjoyed the musings of the opening act, they were there to witness a true 80's rock icon, Billy Idol.  In the height of his success, Idol, was a hard hitting, lip-curiling, chartbilly topping, punk artist that captivated audiences with his trendsetting vocals and spiked hair.  Late, in 2014, after a nine year hiatus from recording, Idol returned to the Billboard 200 with his first new studio album of original work.  Kings & Queens of the Underground released at number 34 making it Idol's 11th chart hit. Idol turns 70 at the end of November and although he still can put on a show he is a bit slower and more deliberate with his stage performance.  His high jumps and mic tossing were a little more 'grounded', but nonetheless, he can still belt out our favorites such as Mony Mony, White Wedding, Eyes Without A Face, Dancing With Myself as well as plenty of his new music.  Still decked out in black leather and trademark platinum blonde spiked hair, Idol's performance entertained and that is what the crowd anticipated.

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