Fans Line Lamar In Anticipation of Twenty One Pilots Sold Out Show in Dallas

cleanBy Klahdia Burgin
Photos by Kristelle Maguire
October 2, 2015

DALLAS, TX – On October 1st, outside the Southside Ballroom, fans anxiously awaited in anticipation for that evening’s sold out show. Many waited in line for hours just to secure a position on the rail.  Setting the tone for the evening, with an energetic set, was Finish Ticket, an Indie Pop Rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area. They outdid themselves, succeeding in pumping up the crowd for the rest of the evening.

Once the crowd was warmed up, Echosmith took the stage.  The California Pop band is comprised of the Sierota siblings: Graham, Sydney, Noah and guitarist Joshua Murty.  The group had an extremely playful set that kept the crowd singing along throughout.  They played some fan favorites such as “Cool Kids” and “Bright” as well as whipping out a cover of Modern English’s “I melt with you”.  At one point during their performance, Sydney stopped mid song to ask the crowd to take a couple of steps back, to give room to all the people slammed against the railing.

Finally, the time had come for Twenty One Pilots to perform. They opened with Heavydirtysoul.  Josh appeared wearing a mask and Tyler in his skeleton hoodie. The enthusiastic crowd sang along to every song, including their cover of Elvis’ “Can’t help falling in love with you”. Throughout the entire set, Tyler changed clothes multiple times, from the skeleton hoodie to a floral robe with sunglasses.  Just like many of their concerts, Josh Dun’s amazing drumming skill was showcased on a DSC_9023make shift mini stage that was supported over the crowd by the fans, during their performance of “Ride”. One lucky attendee was snatched from the audience to the stage to prove her admiration by joining Josh for their own signature handshake.

As the evening was winding down, Tyler instructed everyone to find a partner.   Once they found a partner, one of them was to get one the other’s shoulders. Many fans obeyed and enjoyed the next song with a bird’s eye view.  They ended their set with “Car Radio”, which Tyler finished on a small platform, at the top of a pillar, in the middle of the crowd.  Naturally, the crowd begged for more  chanting, “One more song” over and over.  All in all they dazzled the crowd with an amazing light show, inspiring lyrics, and beats that made you want to jump all through the night.

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