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DENVER, CO - Ripe played at the Ogden Theater on Friday, February 19th and they certainly did not disappoint. The show began with a relatively empty theater prior to G. Love and the Special Sauce, but did not last for long.  Crowd lover and man on vocals, Robbie Wulfson made sure of it!  After starting the gig off with a few funky soulful tracks, Robbie let the crowd know that they were being too courteous and needed to be 20% better to get things kicking; the crowd obliged.  Brass players,  Josh Shpak on the Trumpet and EWI (electronic wind instrument), Calvin Barthel on the trombone, got everyone grooving while the rest of the boys, Troy Geismar, Jon Becker and Nadav Shapira, Sampson Hellerman kept the party rocking.  The 45 minute show seemed like 15 minutes.  The now packed theater was bouncing to Ripe's vibe. Ripe, based out of Boston, has the right feel, sound and crowd vibe if you and your crew are looking to get down with a few friends. You just might overhear something  like, “Hey man, these guys are perfectly ripe, bro!”  Make sure to keep an eye out for Ripe the next time they come to town. article & photos by Shanna Fisher

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