Article and photos by Ryan Javier

DALLAS, TX  – Perhaps the most iconic and controversial of all death metal bands, Cannibal Corpse came tear-assing through town on the final leg of their 2016 North American tour.  A hefty crowd teetering at the one thousand mark, piled into the Gas Monkey Live! for a night of extreme death metal.

The opener was Abysmal Dawn, from Los Angeles. They woke the crowd up and breathed life into the mosh pit with a rock-solid set of east coast extreme metal.  Formed in 2003/04, Abysmal Dawn released their first studio album, From Ashes in 2006.  Abysmal Dawn’s current album, Obsolescence, 2014 is available here.

Next on the ticket were Canadian metalheads, Cryptopsy. Don’t let their origin fool you; these veterans have been pumping the hardest of the hard, steady, since 88; around the same time Cannibal Corpse formed.  Cryptopsy’s latest EP, The Book of Suffering – Tome 1, 2015 is available through IF Merch. One of the coolest things that the band is doing for this tour, is that they are offering “Extreme Lessons” to fans, prior to each gig. Visit them online for more information.

Following Cryptopsy were the band Obituary, legends in their own right. Formed back in 1984, at a time when heavy metal was in its adolescence, Obituary were one of the first bands to take metal to the extreme dark side.  These pioneers of death metal showed no signs of slowing down; they came out in full force and performed a mix of popular tunes and a few deep cuts.  Obituary’s latest album, Inked in Blood, 2014, is available through their merch store.

After such an amazing performance by Obituary, it was difficult to believe there was still one more band. That was until night’s headliner, Cannibal Corpse, began to do their sound check.  Hundreds of fans began to fill in the venue floor and a mosh pit circle was formed in anticipation.  After Rob Barrett made some final tuning adjustments on his guitar, the stage went dark. The rest of the band too their places, the lights came up and the onslaught began.  The mosh pit erupted with a fury as Cannibal Corpse served up a hearty mix of old and new material. In fact, they played quite a bit of older stuff, much the audience’s delight. It was death metal at its finest.

For tour info visit .  Score a copy of their current LP, at their store.


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Ryan Javier
Dallas-based photojournalist.

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