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Photography: Matt Munsell & Dana Weigel

St. Louis, MO20160421-DSC_1306 – Jordan Harman bared his soulful vocals and acoustic guitar for a St. Louis crowd at the Old Rock House last Thursday. Sometimes a new voice can silence a room and Jordan did just that in his opening act. The moment he hit the mic, the room started to quiet and take seats.  Jordan’s voice stands out and is beautifully accompanied by his guitar. He sings with a soulful voice older than his years and plays rhythm guitar with hooks that cause the audience to sway in time with the music. Hit worthy tunes like Slow Down and Cook’n along with the Prince tribute he played in honor of the late artist were a memorable start to a music filled evening.

Harman is currently the fifth man on tour with Tommy Castro and the Painkillers. He is a great match for the blues band, providing a soulful acoustic opening act to set the stage for Castro. This is Harman’s first experience performing and touring outside the Roanoke, VA area and he has no doubt built a following along the way with his soulful pop grooves.  The Castro Band is clearly fond of Jordan and impressed with his singing and songwriting talent.  Jordan is soaking up their wisdom and the entire touring experience to apply in his own musical journey which looks very promising from the crowd reaction in St. Louis.

Jordan will continue this leg of the tour with Tommy Castro through May 3rd when he returns home to perform locally in the Salem and Roanoke, VA area.  Harman spoke as passionately as you would expect from a voice that soulful when he mentioned his wife, his son on the way and their ranch in Virginia.  He was equally passionate about supporting military veterans through the Guitars for Vets program.   Jordan gives a portion of the proceeds from every self titled Jordan Harman CD purchased to the organization.  You can follow Jordan on facebook or via the web at


Tommy Castro and the Painkillers
Jordan Harman Opens the Show
Harman Sings with Soul
Jordan Harman


Dana Weigel


  1. Oh Jordan, what a beautiful write up about you! We are all so proud of your success and more importantly what a great man you turned out to be. I’m so thrilled about you and Becky having a baby, you two will be great parents

    Love you,

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