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Photos by: Alexis Benitez Article by: Alexis Benitez & Zinnia Gomez   DALLAS, TX - The evening began with The New Regime opening up for The Used. The trio had an awesome sound and energetic stage presence. Ilan Rubin, vocalist and guitarist, may sound familiar to some. He has an impressive resume, having drummed for Nine Inch Nails, Angels and Airwaves, Fenix TX and had a brief stint with Paramore. He also is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the youngest musician to play Woodstock at 11 years old. Their eight song EP, Exit B, is definitely worth a listen;so, if you haven’t heard them - check them out. The Used has always played energetic and amazing shows for their fans - always memorable, always great connection with the fans, but this tour, their 15th Anniversary tour, was something extra special. They played their self titled album in its entirety, including the album’s hidden track, Choke Me, to a sold out crowd at the Dallas venue, House of Blues. The fans sang along to every song like a choir and the energy throughout the venue was marvelous and the mannequin filled stage was perfect for the night. Some fans may have been a little apprehensive about Quinn Allman not being with the band right now, but Justin Shekoski (Previously guitarist of Saosin) fit right in with the band and the group had great chemistry together. Bert McCracken was all smiles through the set - thanking the crowd for their support throughout the years. He was incredibly appreciative of where they are as a band and was one of the most humble and thankful frontman. He encouraged everyone to fully enjoy themselves that night, to be childlike, and to immerse themselves in that night’s experience. It was also heartwarming to hear Bert talk about this world’s condition and how he wants to make it a better place, educate people and encourage people to educate themselves. He wore a bracelet and had a black and white scarf on his mic stand in support of Freedom for Gaza, a cause that the band is very passionate about. They even had items in their merch to raise money for the cause. The entire crowd's reaction and interaction with the band made it apparent that this was an extra special night for all involved. The New Regime: 1413121615 The Used: bert1ttl 20 19 18 17      11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 10

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