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New Toadies Beer: Hell Below/Stars Above

Forthcoming Album Recorded at Arlyn and the Bubble, Austin

FORT WORTH, TX(August 31, 2016) - Toadies will be immortalized in the new issue of Marvel Comics: X-Men 92, Issue 6 available in stores today. The band is also featured in the upcoming Issue 7. The comic features the Texas rockers along with Flaming Lips and Lila Cheney while the X-MEN work security at LILAPALOOZA - Westchester’s biggest festival!  Being featured in a Marvel Comic story line is an obvious dream of any child of any age explains bassist Doni Blair: "Most fathers read their children fairy tales at bedtime. My dad would put me to sleep every night with the adventures of Nightcrawler, Colossus and Professor X so this is a dream come true for me."

DFrummer Mark Rezincek concurs: "When I was a little kid, I would have my Mom read my brother's X-Men comics to me. Then I would cut out my favorite panels with scissors (oops!). Even after I learned to read, the X-Men was always one of my favorites. Who would have thought that little kid would one day be a character in an actual X-Men comic??!! It's a little surreal and the thrill of a lifetime!"

While the Toadies are living their comic book dreams, they are also back in the studio to record the follow up to Heretics. The new album was recorded at Arlyn and the Bubble in Austin with Chris “Frenchie” Smith, and will be mixed this fall by Rob Schnapf. Slated for a 2017 release the yet untitled set was created in the studio that is a favorite of the legendary Willie Nelson.

Toadies have recorded in Arlyn before, guitarist Clark Vogeler talks about the experience:  "Walking into Arlyn Studios again 18 years after having recorded much of Feeler there was bizarre. We've been through so much as a band since that time that it's difficult to get my head around.  

After trying on a quieter sound on 2015's Heretics, I think we all expected this next record to include shades of that subtler, laid back sound but the reality is that this record is louder and more riff driven than our last several records. To me, it kinda feels like we got the quieter acoustic thing out of our system and got back to what we do best, loud heavy tunes."

Fresh off the band's annual Dia De Los Toadies, which featured Reverend Horton HeatLos Skarnales, In The Whale and more, the band was definitely feeling inspired:

"The music has been flowing lately. We entered the studio with just a few completed tunes and lots of bits and pieces, but left with 16 fully realized songs, so it looks like we have enough for a proper album and a big handful of extra tracks. “  - Clark Vogeler.

Speaking of inspiration, something else that has become an annual event for the band is the release of their own special brew of beer. This year there will be two new batches appropriately titled 'Hell Below' and 'Stars Above.'
toadies beer
The concept behind the beers was born of the experience of recording and then releasing the album they are named for - the follow up to the platinum selling Rubberneck frontman Vaden Lewis explains:
"I’m really curious to hear people’s reaction to the latest offspring of our friendship with Martin House.  We’re bringing two beers out this year to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our 2nd album, Hell Below/Stars Above.  This album has a duality for us.  On one hand, we were elated to finally release the follow-up to Rubberneck, but also it was the worst of times.  It was clear that our relationship with our label had soured and we all felt frustrated and drained, so much so that we eventually broke up the band.   So it made sense to develop two beers in its honor.  You might can say that the two beers constitute some sort of similar yin and yang, also echoed in the title track of the album, part post-Pixies thrash, part major chord release.  But here’s the catch:  While each beer has something unique to offer, and this might sound insane, when you mix the two brews together, something magical happens.  It is truly more than the sum of its parts, and I can’t wait for people to try it."
The beers, produced by Martin House Brewery are the follow ups to the previously released 'Rubberneck Red' and 'Bockslider.'  Hell Below and Stars Above is available across Texas. 
Martin House owner Cody Martin is equally excited for the brews:
"Its hard to believe we've made 4 beers togethers already.  Every year we get awesome inspiration from the Toadies and thats lead to Stars Above & Hell Below.  These beers are an exciting and unique concept that Texas beer drinkers are going to love" - Cody Martin, Owner & Head Brewery
Tour Dates:
9/21/16 Brewster St. Ice House - Corpus ChristiTX 
9/22/16 Stubb's - AustinTX 
9/23/16 Warehouse Ballroom - HoustonTX 
9/24/16 Smoked Dallas Festival - DallasTX 
10/21/16 Click's - TylerTX 
10/22/16 Aztec Theater - San Antonio, TX

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