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Article and Photos by: Ashley Fava

SAN DIEGO, CA - Vans Warped Tour had their first of three California shows on a  sunny afternoon in San Diego. Among one of the nicest stops that the bands claimed they had been through, since it wasn’t too hot. The crowd never seeming to be bothered by the sunny skies as the bands played throughout the day. Fans that liked the bands across the board filled into the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot to start the day off. New Found Glory was over on the Journey’s Left Foot Stage kicking the day off, whereas Wage War was bringing the heavy music in for the day over at the Monster Energy North Stage. Fans of each band definitely showed up early to catch the Pop-Punk legends and the newcomers to the metal fandom.

Fans of the band Ice Nine Kills helped vocalist, Spencer Charnas, walk onto the crowd with their hands as support. The crowd singing every line back to him as he fell into them and the crowd started to surf him back to the stage. Up next was Vanna, Boston natives, that seemed to really enjoy getting personal with crowd. Jumping straight into the fans, catching the vocalist as he continued on to sing the song and get the help of the crowd. The high energy of these two bands did not stop there once The Word Alive took the stage the crowd grew in size and so many were singing along to their songs. At one point the band got the fans to kneel down before one of their songs, making them jump as high as they could when the song kicked in. And of course it was awesome to see the younger and older fans get into veteran Warped Tour bands like: Atreyu, New Found Glory, and Yellowcard. All of the bands that had performed that day definitely delivered some of their best performances to the audience.

Vans Warped Tour is a definite perfect way too spend a summer day. The dedication that these fans have for these bands, not only catching their sets but standing in the sun to meet these bands is impressive. Anyone can tell that music is fully alive at any date on this tour. Even if someone hasn’t gone to a Warped Tour since they were high school kids themselves, they should check it out as an adult. It always nice to go to a tour date that has many different genres to choose from and the atmosphere is always positive when you go to one these shows.

Yellowcard6 Yellowcard4 Yellowcard3 Yellowcard1 Vanna6 Vanna5 Vanna3 TheWordAlive5 TheWordAlive4 TheWordAlive3 TheWordAlive2 theColorMorale3 TheColorMorale2 TheColorMorale1 StateChamps2 StateChamps1 MIW6 MIW5 MIW4 InHeartsWake3 InHeartsWake IceNineKills5 IceNineKills4 IceNineKills3 IceNineKills2 EveryTimeIDie5 EveryTimeIDie4 EveryTimeIDie3 EveryTimeIDie1 CrownTheEmpire5 CrownTheEmpire2 Atreyu5 Atreyu4 Atreyu1

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