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Article by Maddy Young, Photography by Larry Young DALLAS TEXAS - The Edisons, a folk-indie group from Denver, Colorado, definitely brought their wild flare of energy with them to Sue Ellen’s on Sunday night. The group is on a two-month tour supporting their new album, Familiar Sprits, and working their way to Austin for the group’s first appearance at SXSW. Edison is composed of lead singer Sarah Slaton, guitarist Max Hughes, and multi-instrumentalist Dustin Morris.

From the start everyone in the venue could see this band was in it for the long haul, literally. They hauled in all their equipment themselves, checked their instruments, did a quick sound check and got right to work playing music. Their first song had everyone within earshot coming in to see who was playing such a fun and melodic tune. The band played two sets, with Max and Dustin doing solo sets in between, quite the feat for such an active stage group. There wasn’t a moment where anyone onstage was still. Sarah kept everyone interested with her fun and upbeat dance moves while Max and Dustin blew the crowd away with their intricate melodies and chords.

Lead singer Sarah Slaton, who originally hales from Arkansas, started playing guitar when she was 17, connected with the rest of her band 4 years ago and as she said “the rest is history.” Her ability to unite with the crowd is unquestionable.

Max Hughes lead guitarist for the band (formerly of The Lumineers) is a Grammy nominated guitarist. Watching him play the audience quickly understood why he was nominated. He is quite an amazing guitarist.

Dustin Morris, who hardly had a chance to breathe…”plays everything I can carry”, drums, harmonica, guitar, and trumpet all night long, all while standing up!

Edison’s songs told tales of heart break, frustration, and falling in and out of love, all backed by a captivating beat that had audience jumping out of their chairs to dance. The amount of love and joy in the room cultivated by the small Denver band was overwhelming, and one couldn’t help but smile at the music and atmosphere.

Their new album, Familiar Spirits, is currently available and it’s filled with up-tempo folky ballads that will make your heart swoon and your feet dance all the way from Denver to Dallas to Austin.


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