An Interview with Jeremy Loops | June 11, 2015

We’re so excited to see Jeremy Loops back in Austin. TTLMAG had a chance to interview this music gem last night at Stubbs after the show. Let’s dive in shall we?

TTL: When did you feel like your music gig in the States started to kick off?

Jeremy: Well I’ve been playing for five years now, and we’ve been I suppose what you would call like a big festival band in South Africa for the last four years already… so we were used to playing big shows and big crowds and it’s been really exciting just heading out into the big wide world and doing shows all over the place and yeah, South by Southwest was my first big US festival that I did… did about six or seven shows while we were here.

TTL: Was it your first outside of South Africa show, internationally?

Jeremy: No, we’ve played all sorts of European cities. We went to India, Prague, France, Paris for a little while… the UK, so no, we’ve played around and all over Africa as well, we played deep into Zambia, Zimbabwe . . . but it was only this year that I started playing quite a lot in the States. It’s been very exciting and obviously this is my first headline tour now.

TTL: So how many more tours left in the US?

Jeremy: We got uhh, well I’ve got another I think 12 shows in like Dallas tomorrow night, Kansas, Minneapolis… we’re going to Canada, we’re gonna be down in Philadelphia, Chicago, Brooklyn, New York… so we got some dates and…

TTL: Is this halfway?

Jeremy: Yes, this is halfway… we’re halfway through right now.

TTL: I followed you on Instagram, you have great pictures from everywhere. Do you like to travel?

Jeremy: I love to travel. Absolutely.

TTL: Do you have like a goal to cover the entire world?

Jeremy: I suppose so, yes.

TTL: Just curious, since I’m from Indonesia, have you been there?

Jeremy: Oh cool, no I haven’t. The closest I’ve been was Singapore, two weeks ago. Yeah, I haven’t been to Indonesia –I would love to cause the waves are really good. I’m a surfer.

TTL: Cool! I dive… my hometown is big on scuba diving.

Jeremy: Amazing. I’ve also got my license and I would happily say that uh… diving or scuba diving is one of my top 3 things in the whole world to do…insane.

TTL: So I heard the way you travel on tour, it’s like you would spend the day to enjoy the city first. Obviously you spent half the day today in Austin just going around town…

Jeremy: Yea, we make sure to have fun

TTL: Does that help to prepare you for a show?

Jeremy: Definitely helps! Yea, you know what I think it is as well is that umm, if you don’t get to really explore the places you go to, I feel like you maybe run the risk of really missing out and I don’t want to miss out. Who knows I might die tomorrow and never get to come back to all these places so the way I see it is that yeah, I’m here to make music but I’m also here to explore, to see the place, and to soak it all in. I believe that travelling really opens up your understanding of the world and people.

TTL: Other than music, what other things are you passionate about?

Jeremy: Photography. Yeah, I got all my lenses and umm… making music, it’s kind of natural for me to get back into, and surfing is another thing I’m really passionate about and environmentalism, the world… taking care of the planet.

TTL: Your music is heavily inspired with folk, reggae… do you listen to other genres as well?

Jeremy: I enjoy listening to all sorts of music. I have a very diverse taste I suppose…

TTL: What have you been listening to lately?

Jeremy: I really like this artist called Andrew Bird, he’s a beautiful musician. Yeah, I like all sorts of things. Mason Jennings, I’ve been listening a lot to 21 Pilots lately, randomly… Shakey Graves.

TTL: Ah, I love Shakey Graves. So lastly, what’s next after you complete the tour in the US?

Jeremy: We’re gonna head back… I head to Zambia, I’m gonna be doing a reforestation project there, and umm… back to South Africa for like a week, and then back to Europe for shows, I’ve got some big festivals there.

TTL: When’s the album coming out?

Jeremy: August.

TTL: Oh wow, I’m so looking forward to that, I’ve been listening to just single(s) …

Jeremy: Yeah, finally drops. I know… I want this album to come out really badly. I’m looking forward to it.

TTL: Is the EP out there now?

Jeremy: The EP we were selling tonight, yea it’s got like six of the songs on from the album.

TTL: Is it online too?

Jeremy: It is yea. I don’t think you can get the whole EP online though, sorry I’m wrong… it’s only at the shows.

TTL: Well that’s all I have… I’m really going off of my “last question” Thank you so much for your time.

Jeremy: That’s all right, hahaha… thank you.

You can pre-order his album now on iTunes, Trading Change comes out August 14.


Interview and photos by Christian Sena

Christian Sena

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