Kriselle Maguire Editor/Photographer Dallas
Jason Maguire Editor/Photographer Dallas
Jason Bollenbacher profile
Jason Bollenbacher Photographer Austin, TX
shanna fisher
Shanna Fisher Photographer Denver, CO
Melodie Ramey Photographer Indianapolis, IN
Melodie Ramey Photographer Indianapolis, IN
Ashley Fava Photographer Ridgecrest, CA
Ryan Javier Photographer Dallas, TX
Ralf Lipp
Ralf Lipp Photographer Chicago, IL







Alexis Benitez, Photographer, Denton, TX
Alexis Benitez, Photographer, Denton, TX
Marshall Foster, photographer, Austin, TX
Marshall Foster, photographer, Austin, TX
Amy Varner, writer, Allen, TX


Diego Donamaria, photographer, Austin, TX
Kelby Anderko, photographer, Gainsville, TX
Larry Young, photographer, Dallas, TX
Matt Munsell 2
Matt Munsell, photographer, St. Louis, MO
Mike Schara, photographer, Denton, TX
Ryan Javier, photographer, Dallas, TX
Dana Weigel
Dana Weigel, Photographer, St. Louis, MO
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Kristelle Maguire
Photographer, writer, and editor.

19 thoughts on “Contributors”

  1. I am a music and travel journalist and photographer based in Santa Barbara, California. I produce concert reviews, interviews, previews, CD and music related movie reviews, for a variety of local, regional, national, and international online and print press. I would be happy to contribute to Through The Lens.

  2. I am a photographer based in Syracuse, NY…I was wondering if it would be possible to contribute to Through The Lense..I can send all the necessary information via email if you’d like

  3. Hello,
    I recently came upon an add stating your company was hiring a concert photographer. I could not find in the add nor your website where to apply. I am an experience photographer new to the Las Vegas area and I am highly interested in joining your team. If you could direct me in the the area of where I could apply, that would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you and have a nice day.

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