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HOUSTON, TX (JUNE 24, 2017) – If the calling of a 20-year reunion makes you feel old, it shouldn’t.  Having front man Art Alexakis saying “Uh Oh grandpa got a whammy bar” might though. One of the greatest things about music is the ability to see the same bands that filled concert halls 20 years ago, but today.   The House of Blues in the heart of Houston, Texas was the host to Everclear’s 20th-anniversary tour “So Much for the Afterglow” featuring Vertical Horizon and Fastball.


Fastball, two time Grammy nominated Austenite’s opened in front of a decent crowd.  Halfway through their set, they began to play the most enduring

Vertical Horizon

hits “Out of My Head” and “The Way”.  The thrill of excitement was in the air as old memories started coming out of the woodwork.  They sounded just like they were in 1997 and put on a great opening show.


Vertical Horizon is an American alternative rock band formed at Georgetown University in 1991. The band is best known for their late 90’s hits “Everything You Want”, “Best I ever Had”, and You’re A God”.  Not only did they play their biggest hits back to back building momentum, but they ripped apart the stage with amazing performance of range and delivery.



Headliner, Everclear, took the stage and opened immediately with “So much for the Afterglow”.  Keeping the audience dancing they followed with “Everything to Everyone” and “Father of Mine”. Lead singer, Art Alexakis, commented on why they wrote the one hit wonder and the ideas behind it, letting everyone know they were not to be labeled.  Although much of their music was nostalgic and made you feel young again,  “Uh Oh Grandpa got a whammy bar” caused more than a few audience members check their watches as they probably had babysitters to relieve.   Nearing the end of their set, Alexakis asked if they could show off some of their songs from the new album. Yes, THEY still got it!



Jason Bollenbacher

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