have mercy

DALLAS TEXAS(May 23, 2015) – Have Mercy may have been limited to the stage, but rolling into The Doors Club in Dallas the band’s energy extended beyond the stage throughout the venue.  Along the way they made a few hearts skip a beat or two.

Have Mercy, the Baltimore indie troupe waded into the Deep Ellum venue with a casual vibe and layered with fine tuned artistry. The band was in town in support of their new album Make The Best Of It and touring with Real Friends, part of the Hopeless Records label. The quartet didn’t reek of overdone whine and grovel that seems so common to pop punk, but instead offered a degree of depth and sincerity.

Have Mercy was there for fan-bonding. Wide-eyed and at a near stand-still, the audience were frozen by the pop-punk spunk and rocking bite of their performance. Hits from the new album like “Baby Grand”, “Coexist” and “Good Christian” worked through the audience, leaving even parent chaperones bouncing along. Lead singer Brian Swindle has a compelling edge to his presence that offered a sense of experience and honesty in spite of his own youth.

They definitely a mix of several different genres, even if they classify themselves as Alternative/Indie.  They have a pop punk edge to their music. Their set was tight and easy to get into. This band has tons of energy!

Larry Young

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