Article and photos by: Mike Schara

DENTON, TEXAS – Over 600 dedicated fans awaited the arrival of Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld Sunday night at Rockin Rodeo in Denton, Texas.  With candles lit, the stage set, and the hum of anticipation in the background, a shadow appeared from behind closed doors to greet, praise and bow to those in attendance.  In a moment of stillness that would be followed by countless moments of rage, sadness, frustration, and joy, Furstenfeld sat upon his throne, closed his eyes, inhaled, exhaled.  The silence was deafening.  An Open Book was finally closing.

Taking the teary-eyed assembly of fans on an intimate tour of his life-long journey through adolescence, fame, addiction, fatherhood, loss, rehabilitation, self-discovery, and love (among other things), Justin performed with such raw emotion that those attending might have well been right there beside him the entire way through.  His soaring lyrics and unguarded storytelling touched the souls of many, if not all that night, through verses of both familiar and unpremeditated song selections of Justin’s past.  Much like his life story of rising above tribulation time after time, Furstenfeld closed the show virtually levitating above the sold out crowd with a lasting and haunting acapella rendition of Blue October’s “Bleed Out.”

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