Kristelle is the co-owner and Through The Lens Magazine with Jason Maguire.  As a portrait and wedding photographer, she shares a passion for music and writing as well.  After Kristelle and Jason got married in 2014, they struggled to find an outlet to work with that shared their same passion and vision for photography and news.  They covered a few events for a couple of other magazines and were disappointed in the level of professionalism They felt they owed it to themselves to create a magazine that would not only allow them the outlet to pursue their dreams, but to help catapult others struggling in the industry of concert photography.

Not only is Kristelle a photographer for TTLMag, she is the editor-in-chief.  She is responsible for recruiting and vetting of all contributing writers for the magazine.  She regularly contributes copy when she and Jason are on assignment together, but her first passion is photography.