Melodie Ramey hails from the great midwestern state of Indiana.  She picked up her first camera, which was a blue Tweety Bird camera, when she was just five years old and has been hooked ever since.  She recalls getting her first ‘real’ camera when she was ten.  It was a Minolta X-370 and she actually used that film camera until she switch to digital in 2013. 

Melodie had always dreamed of becoming a music photographer as such, her inspirations are a mixture of musicians and photographers. Growing up watching and listening to amazing musicians like Shannon Hoon, Beastie Boys, Maynard James Keenan, Zack de la Rocha, Tori Amos, and classics like Led Zepplin, Elvis and Johnny Cash inspired her to want to create visual images that made people feel they way they do when they hear music. Through the years, reading Rolling Stone and Spin, Melodie would dream about attending concerts.  Her goal is to make people see the music, and to capture every magical expression and movement that went into creating those amazing shows. Later in life, as she learned more about photography she found inspiration in a number of photographers and artists such as Darryl Jones, William Moortensen, John Sexton, Erik Johansson, Helmut Newton, and HR Giger. Annie Leibovitz’s work in music photography was definitely a huge inspiration as well.

Last year, Melodie had the opportunity to shoot moe at the Red Rock’s in Colorado.  She said that was by far the most amazing landscape she could ever expect to shoot. When Melodie doesn’t have a camera in her hands, she makes ends meet working as a machinist at one of the top factories in the nation, Cummins Engine Company.