Anderson East Brings Southern Soul to the Midwest

By Melodie Ramey  INDIANAPOLIS, IN – It definitely takes more than talent to get into the music business nowadays. When every Tom, Dick, and Harry, has a portable sound system and a camera at their […]

Black Eddie’s Clash of the Titans

By Melodie Ramey COLUMBUS, IN – The year was definitely rocky for the Hoosier State when taking a glance back at the headlines from 2015. The Religious Freedom Bill was signed into law, and then […]

Sonny Boy Thorn’s Tantalizing Teaser

By Melodie Ramey CALIFORNIA – Sonny Boy Thorn has burst onto the music scene this year breathing new life into this stale world of computer generated beats. Somewhere along the way musicians forgot they were […]

Housecore Horror Film Festival III – Best weekend ever.

  Article & Video by: Alexis Benitez & Steven Photos by: Alexis Benitez SAN ANTONIO, TX Crowds of metal and horror fans gathered at the much anticipated 3rd annual Housecore Horror Film Festival ( my […]

Clinton’s Atomic PFunk Drops on Lafayette

Article and photos by Melodie Ramey  LAFAYETTE, IN – It’s not often in this life that a person has the chance to stand before greatness. Many great heros are untouchable, and unfortunately in todays’ society of reality star […]

Lafayette Theater Gets Hi and Lo with Moe.

Photos by Melodie Yvonne Ramey Article by Melodie Yvonne Ramey with help from Jessica Bishop LAFAYETTE, IN – Crisp autumn leaves crunched under the feet of eager concert go-ers as they lined up in front of […]