Fit For A King Wake Tour 2015

By Ashley Fava

POMONA, CA – The sold out Wake Tour 2015 stop in Pomona, CA started off with some local heavy hitters hailing from Los Angeles,  Phinehas and Silent Planet. Both bands opened the night up without a moments rest.

The words of encouragement between songs made the crowd that much more amped up for the next three bands.  Up next on the bill was Gideon, a band that came all the way from Alabama. They kept the momentum strong for the bands to follow.

However, the crowd favorite that night definitely had to have gone to Fit For A King coming from Dallas, Texas. This Christian Metal band had circle pit after circle pit going and midset vocalist Ryan Kirby asked for the floor to be split. The crowd charged and ready for the wall of death even for a venue of the size, The Glass House provided them. As the song “Hooked” kicked in, the two halves became one, while taking up most of the floor.

The crowd was feeding off all the energy the band was giving. That rolling straight into the headliners set, For Today.  Within two songs from their set, it seemed to be a sea of crowd surfers flooding over the barricades. The band delivered an energetic set playing songs from fan favorites to newer releases from their latest album.

Phineas1 Phineas2 Phineas3 Phineas4 Phineas5 Phineas6 Phineas7 SilentPlanet SilentPlanet2 SilentPlanet3 SilentPlanet4 SilentPlanet5 SilentPlanet6 Gideon1 Gideon2 Gideon3 Gideon4 Gideon5 Gideon6 FFAK1 FFAK2 FFAK3 FFAK4 FFAK5 FFAK6 FFAK7 FFAK8 FFAK9 ForToday1 ForToday2 ForToday3 ForToday4 ForToday5 ForToday7 ForToday8

Ashley Fava

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