Kill Me Three Times, 2014, Australia

By Ryan Javier

Last night I had pleasure of viewing a screening copy of the hilarious new Simon Pegg film, Kill Me Three Times. Complex subplots with contrasting themes of love, hate, lust, betrayal and revenge collide in this awesome thriller/comedy.

As with the films in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, this new movie is also a dark comedy. Pegg plays Charlie, a suave P.I./hitman on Australia’s West coast. Charlie’s current assignment is to spy on a club owner’s wife who is suspected of cheating. Sounds simple enough, that is until the wife is killed.
Charlie uncovers intertwining plot lines and discovers more than one party wants the wife (portrayed by Teresa Palmer) dead. Then there’s the dentist with a gambling problem, a crooked local cop (played by the great Bryan Brown), two love triangles and $250,000 in cash.

In this movie, Pegg drives a classic Coronado, and spoken with an Australian accent, the name sounds very similar to Cornetto, a possible nod to the trilogy. Even though Pegg plays the main character, he graciously shares the screen with his cast mates; the film is told from multiple points of view and feels more like an ensemble piece than a one-man-show. There were no weak-links in this one, as every member of cast gave an outstanding performance.

The film is brilliantly directed by Kriv Stenders and costars Luke Hemsworth, Alice Braga and Sullivan Stapelton. Shot on location down under, the movie’s breathtaking scenery juxtaposed against comedic-driven violence makes for interesting eye candy, to say the least. As with the Cornetto trilogy, there’s a lot of blood, but the violent scenes are softened by the heavy comedy and presented in a sort of lighthearted manner, making those scenes easily palpable for wide audiences. The dark comedic stylings of Pegg along with his crackerjack timing provide for laughs throughout this clever film. I highly recommend seeing this movie. Kill Me Three Times is a must-see for any Simon Pegg fan.

Because of the violence and on-screen blood, Kill Me Three Times will most likely be Rated R by the MPAA and is scheduled to be released in theaters nationwide starting April 10, 2015.

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