Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, US 2015

By Kameron Lockhart

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

If you’re looking for an escape from the Texas heat, this might be a great weekend to hit up the movies. Starting Friday, Agent Ethan Hunt is back with his IMF team to save the world once more, this time from a world terror organization named, “The Syndicate.” If one villain doesn’t suit you, enter Alec Baldwin acting as the director of the CIA, who’s made it his personal mission to bring down our favorite impossible mission force, stating that IMF does more harm than good and relies too much on luck. You have to have enemies at home too, right? With the IMF now dissolved, Ethan becomes an international fugitive determined to catch Syndicate mastermind, Soloman Lane, and stop the chaos that is sure to ensue.

Do not enter this theater expecting to see a brilliantly written movie, with absolutely zero plot holes, that keeps you guessing until the credits roll. What you can expect is a hilarious, predictable, fast paced, edge of your seat joy ride from beginning to end. While I found it blatantly similar to Ghost Protocol, I thoroughly enjoyed my two hours with this film. My only complaint was I felt there was something missing, some magic spark that made Ghost Protocol, in my opinion, the best film of the series. Could this missing link be Ghost Protocol’s director Brad Bird?

Fans of the franchise will be delighted with the numerous familiar faces and nods to Rogue Nation’s predecessors spread throughout. (They’ve thrown in a few new faces as well, gotta keep it spicy.) Helpful tip: Do NOT be late to this movie or you just might miss Mr. Cruise’s most impressive stunt to date. Will Ethan and the gang stop The syndicate in time to save the world? (Ok, maybe not the world, but perhaps a location that’s about to bombed or something. We have to play up the drama here.) Of course they will. But you will enjoy every second of the chase. Take your friends, take your family, stay in the cool air conditioning and enjoy the newest chapter of Mission Impossible.

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