ABC Nashville In Concert

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April 30, 2016
Chicago, IL

By Lisa Lipp

Photos by Ralf Lipp

The Windy City meets Music City

Nashville and Chicago collided when cast members from ABC’s hit show Nashville hit the stage at the Rosemont Theater Saturday April 30, 2016.  Nashville in concert gives fans of the show a chance to see the stars up close and personal and a chance for some very talent actors to showcases their musical and songwriting abilities.  If you’re not familiar with the show you may not know that each actor or actress actually performs the songs that are showcased throughout the shows series. Each performer has their own unique style and sound which differs a bit from the characters they play on the show however did not shadow the fact that these actors are truly talented musicians who can sing, play instruments and entertain a very eager and excited Chicago crowd.

Rocking Chicago were cast members Charles Esten, Clare Bowen, Aubrey Peeples, Chris Carmack and Will Chase . Charles, Chris and Will were first to hit the stage with a fury followed solely by each performer however did include some duo performances.

Peeples took over the name windy city and blew Chicago fans away with her stunning and powerful vocals. Peeples was full of fun and may have even given fans a little teaser regarding her character on the show, Layla Grant fans stayed tuned!

Carmack brought the stage to life with a soulful bluesy edge and not only is he vocally talented but also plays a mean saxophone as fans were treated to a performance when Peeples asked him to join her on stage later in the show.  Carmack shared stories and performed songs he had written. Chris had a fun energy and contagious smile.

Chase was a bit more reserved and laid back than the rest of the cast and brought more of an intimate feeling to his set however Will was a lightning bolt when he joined Charles later on stage joked around and ran through the crowd.

Bowen hit the stage and I believe as her family would say “Sparkled”! Bowen surrounded fans with her soft sweet sound and melted hearts and also surprised fans with powerhouse vocals and lyrics that were full of emotion while singing a song in honor of her brother Timothy Bowen who is also a singer songwriter Clare has a unique style and had an undeniable connection with fans.

Esten stepped foot onstage and the crowd went wild.  Charles Esten was the spark that lit up Chicago! Esten has a fun and spunky style and showed fans that he is a performer, actor, musician and entertainer all in one. Esten had fans up on their feet and clapping along and also had fun when he ran through the crowd giving high fives, shaking hands and even stopping for selfies which drove the windy city fans into a frenzy.

The evening was filled with energy, entertainment and a great mix of musical talent. Each member was excited to be on stage, had fun, shared stories both character related and personal and each and every performer was very humbled, very appreciative and thanked fans time and time again for the support they have all received. The evening came to an end when the entire cast came together to sing “A Life That’s Good” and asked fans to sing along.  The live show was a fun way to bring TV to life and is an absolute must see!!

Thank you to Charles Esten and to Danny Rowe guitar extraordinaire and a huge shout out to the band for there would be no show without your talents!



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