The Band Perry Taste Addison

Article and photos by:  Larry Young

ADDISON, TX – ‘The Band Perry’ put on one heck of a show on Saturday night and the musicianship displayed on stage was to die for. Kimberly Perry’s stage presence alone was enough to light up the Addison Circle Main Stage for the duration of their set. I must admit the only song I was familiar with was “Better Dig Two” which they opened the show with. The drum sequence they used was brilliant for a live setting with all three Perry siblings banging on huge drums under spotlights. They followed “Better Dig Two” with “Chainsaw” from their Pioneer album and they were off to the races.









The trio exuded confidence, making good use of the stage and posing and interacting like seasons pros, this concert was all about youth and energy. The band is billed as a trio but it’s Kimberly who really pushes the music and energy, with brothers on either side providing a solid foundation of everything else that fills out the show.


As the show progressed, ‘The Band Perry’ doubled down on the pop music. Covers abounded, with Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and Gnarls Barkley tunes making appearances alongside the Eurythmics and Queen. They closed out the main set with Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls”.


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