Article and Photos by Ashley Fava

SAN BERNARDINO, CA (July 18, 2016) – On the final date of the Rockstar Energy Drink Taste of Chaos 2016, the line up was packed full of great bands. Headlining was Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Quicksand, The Get Up Kids, The Starting Line, Saosin (with Anthony Green), Senses Fail, The Early November, The Anniversary, Hot Rod Circuit, Reggie and the Full Effect and The Slidebar Battle of the Bands Winner, Cory Wells. With that lineup it wasn’t possible to not have a good time.

Cory Wells took the stage to serenade the crowd; just himself and his guitar, to start the day off right. After Reggie and The Full Effect played, who were followed by Hot Rod Circuit, the crowd got into the energy these two bands put off.  When The Anniversary took the stage many people in the crowd were excited to see their first show in fourteen years. Although they had a minor set back with technical difficulties the band still pulled a smile filled set. Then out came a man dressed in an interesting out, introducing The Early November, the crowd was getting a kick out of how the man presented the band. All smiles on stage as soon as the band came out and immediately went their opening song.

Up next on the roster was Senses Fail, the crowd piling in tight to catch this set. Playing many hits off their album Let It Enfold You (2004), everyone in the crowd singing along to the nostalgia. Hyping the crowd up for what band was to come, the crowd beyond excited chanting “SAOSIN!” just the guys walked out on stage. With the return of Anthony Green fronting the band, people couldn’t wait to catch this band on a large scale stage. The entire band never let up on the energy but Anthony Green is definitely someone that knows how to keep the high energy up. As soon as the band started to play the song that started it all for them, “Seven Years,” Anthony couldn’t stay in place. He got amongst the crowd singing along with everyone screaming word for word back to him. Climbing into the sea of people to crowd surf as Saosin ended their set. While the bands played on having what seemed to be the most fun these bands had in awhile. But as soon as Taking Back Sunday came on, the audience was full of anxiously awaiting fans. But the first beat hit from their single, Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut from the Team), the crowd sang every lyric back to the band. Frontman Adam Lazzara at one point smiling as he just let the crowd sing the song. People were flying over the barricades, enjoying the show now that it had finally cooled off. Dashboard Confessional coming out playing their widely known single, Vindicated. Never stopping as they played hit after hit, the crowd singing along as some people wrapped arms around each other singing the songs together.

Even though it was a hot day in Southern California the bands on Taste of Chaos sure didn’t mind and neither did the audience. People making it out to catch the bands they listened to through high school or has a kid and even into them becoming adults. Not only did the audience have a great time but the bands, you could tell, had a blast playing all these older songs mixing in with the new. Needless to say, this tour ended on a high note with all the bands putting on great performances.

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  • Kristy says:

    Yet another awesome set of photographs and amazing article. Made me feel like I was there. So proud of you ?

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