Article by: Leila Adell

DSC_5095-EditAUSTIN, TX(August 27, 2016) –  Marilyn Manson and Slipknot brought a thunderous roar to Austin.  Manson kicks off his set with Angel with Scabbed Wings, a loud and unforgiving sound amplified by smoke, red powder and Manson’s own dramatic choreography.  He looks larger than life, standing naturally at 6’1” and adding inches with bold platform boots.

Before belting out Irresponsible Hate Anthem, Manson amps up the audience with a “We Hate Love, We Love Hate” chant and demands to see everyone’s middle fingers. The audience is eager to please:


I love hearing Manson’s creepy take on The Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams are Made of This, a version that hit its popularity peak in the mid-90s.  He wraps up the set with the haunting whispers of “The Beautiful People” with the packed crowd singing along, and makes way for Slipknot.

 Here area few Manson fun facts:

Marilyn Manson: 27 years (!) as a band
Original name: Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Manson, still headbanging at 47, was the band’s founder and remains its only original member.
Manson’s real name: Brian Hugh Warner
He was once paid $40,000 not to play in South Carolina
Net worth: around 25 million
Recently released movie: Let me make you a Martyr, July 22nd, 2016. Manson plays a Cherokee hit-man, and claims to have actual Native heritage: Sioux on his mother’s side.
Marilyn Manson was once described by Senator Joseph Lieberman as “the sickest group ever promoted by a mainstream record company”5

Slipknot_Through_The_Lens_Magazine_4Though last year’s Slipknot tour included some crazy pyrotechnics, this relatively calmer set does not disappoint with its levitating dual drum sets and mesmerizing backdrops. I’m excited to see the latest versions of their masks in person, a tradition started by Shawn Crahan with a clown mask one fateful Halloween. It’s impossible to tell from his insane performance that he’s the most seasoned member of the band.

Hot topic-clad fans begin to form an ecstatic, sweaty mini-mosh pit from the beginning of their set. Lead singer Corey Taylor douses the crowd (and some unluckySlipknot_Through_The_Lens_Magazine_3 photographers) in water while belting out The Negative One with no signs of hesitation from his recent neck surgery. The captivating singer/screamer had to have 2 discs replaced at the beginning of the summer in an emergency surgery, but has managed to make his black neck brace appear purposeful.

And a few fun facts about Slipknot:

Slipknot: 21 years and counting
Band member’s age range: 25 (Jay Weinberg, drums) to 46 (Shawn Crahan, Slipknot co-founder, drums)
Originally known as “The Pale Ones,” started in Des Moines, Iowa
Mask origins: clown mask, hockey mask, jester mask, crash helmet, gas mask, gimp mask with a Pinocchio nose, Kabuki mask and a pig mask
Genre: nu metal or “metal metal”
Grammies: 10 nominations, 1 win (Before I Forget for Best Metal Performance)
Clothing Line: Tattered and Torn, available at Hot Topic
Net worth: around 50 million


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