Anthony Green at The Sons of Hermann Hall

Article and Photography by: Larry Young

Dallas, TX – On September 13th Anthony Green glided through Dallas Texas and ‘The Son’s of Hermann Hall’ (the ‘Gruene Hall’ of Deep Ellum) supporting the release of his new album Pixie Queen.

Anthony Green’s legacy as a recording artist and performer goes without question. From his days with Saosin and his grand experiment Circa Survive, Anthony Green’s contribution is rich.

Green complements his lyrics perfectly with a trance-like quality, amazing range and a vibrant delivery. He commands the stage with seamless audience interaction. At one point in the show he talked about how on the day of the show he was walking around town telling everyone that he was playing ‘Sherman Hall’ tonight. He immediately asked the crowd if they should change the name venue for tonight show to The Sons of “Sherman” Hall, the audience voted with a resounding YES!! From that point on he owned the room.


The evening began with Secret Space, a perfect choice to complement Mr. Green. Their raucous guitar rifts, heart filled harmonies and great show presence was a great way to start the night.

secret-space_77224 secret-space_77247 secret-space_77289

Mat Kerekes of the band Citizen was up next. Mat is also expanding his horizons with a solo adventure by easing up and discovering smoother sound. He sprinkled his set with a few well-known Citizen songs that enticed the audience to sing along.

mat_kerekers_77297 mat_kerekers_77327 mat_kerekers_77348 mat_kerekers_77350









With a lit Pixie Queen sign behind them Anthony Green and his band mates took the stage with an air of excitement and energy that is found with a new band hitting the stage for the first time.

anthony_green_77418 anthony_green_77629anthony_green_77701









Green opened the show with ‘You’ll Be Fine’, which was a great way to show off his chops. Next up, ‘Babygirl’ he then goes into ‘She Loves Me So’, ‘Breaker’, ‘Drug Dealer’ and the rest is history.

Anthony Green has matured as an artist, his style is still a bit experimental and it’s certainly familiar, but mature in tone just the same. However, don’t be fooled, he can still give you a deep down gut wrenching scream on a moments notice. He is a natural and it shows in his performance.

anthony_green_77671 anthony_green_77716 anthony_green_77817









He continued his set with songs from the new album and he closed out the night with ‘I’m Sorry for Everything I’ve Ever Done’. He thanked everyone and said good night. It was a great show, great crowd, great up close venue and a very good night.

anthony_green_ anthony_green_77806 anthony_green_77702 anthony_green_77665 anthony_green_77622 anthony_green_77587 anthony_green_77430 anthony_green_77399

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