Article and Photography by: Larry Young

DALLAS, TX – Larkin Poe was an unexpected pleasure. The sister duo from Atlanta take on their southern roots and deliver a bluesy, guitar driven sound. The make up of the band is Rebecca Lovell on vocals, guitar and base drum that she pounds for a thunderous backbeat and Megan singing harmony and playing lap steel guitar.

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The sisters Lovell began the show acapellla before breaking into rousing full sound version of the traditional song “Tom Devil”. Next up was “Hey, Skinner” which seamlessly lead into a great rendition of “Black Beauty”. Great song and great a touch that Larkin Poe added to it!

Rebecca announced to the crowd that it was their job to warm up the crowd for Elvis Costello…the insueing song “When God Closes a Door” did just that with the bass drum pounding away.










The girls finished their quick set with “Blunt” “Trouble in Mind” and great cover of Cher’s “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)!













Everyone wanted more…. and more they got. The ladies came back out and played a ten-song set with Elvis that was nothing short of mesmerizing! With Rebecca on mandolin and Megan on her lap steel they both complemented Elvis’ guitar licks beautifully. What was happening right before everyone’s eyes was that Elvis was not just playing with his opening act…he playing in a really good band!

Playing along side Elvis Costello would make any band proud. Sharing the stage with a performer the stature as Elvis could be intimidating, but for Larkin Poe it felt like they belonged it was the next step in their career. A very important next step.

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